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H.L.S. Lawn Services Etc. is owned and operated by Roy Sansom, Denton born, Denton raised, and Denton proud. It is our desire to see Denton prosper and for H.L.S. Lawn Services Etc. to be a part of Denton prosperity. H.L.S. Lawn Services Etc. was established in 2002.

H.L.S. Lawn Services Etc. runs crews optimized for getting a professional job done quickly. The benefit to you is that you will not be subjected to hours of lawn work going on outside your home or office window. H.L.S. Lawn Services Etc. takes pride in a job well done.

H.L.S. Lawn Services Etc. services both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL properties. Please call to inquire or schedule all your lawncare needs.

H.L.S. Lawn Services Etc. is here to take care of "All Your Lawn Care Needs."

- Provide billing for customer convenience
- Each month: one check, one stamp, one envelope
- No collections. (We will accept other means of payment if the customer prefers.)

- No collections
- Don't need to be home
- Can provide keys to locked gates
- Customer and pet friendly, English-speaking employees
- HLS provides a neighborly touch with professional results.

- We hire only English-speaking, American Citizens
- No Illegals
- Background checks done on all employees
- You don't have to worry who is in your yard.

- Clean-ups and trims done by an hourly rate per man hour.
- All other work done by bid.
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